Clifton Jones

Retired Omaha Field Director United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Current Regional President—Blacks in Government

Juanita Johnson

City Council Woman District 2

Event’s Honorary Chair

Deborah A. Dogba

Deborah A. Dogba, CEO, Business Seals Consulting Firm, LLC | Founder, Afro Swag Media & Magazine | John Maxwell Certified Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant | DISC Consultant

Jan Love

Retired Director of Customer Care and Support (CC&S) at Union Pacific Railroad (UP)

Sheila Fields

Founder and CEO of The Bobby Byars Foundation, Incorporated (BBF)

Tony Burkhalter

President, American Federation of state county and municipal employees (AFSCME) Local 251

Wayne Brown

President / CEO at Urban League of Nebraska, Inc.

Autumn Golonka